Welcome to Creating Space Movement


Creating Space Movement was created by founder Wes Knight, a former professional soccer player who, like all athletes, struggled with the transition to life after sport.

He has spent his time since helping people Create Space for their best life by opening up vulnerable conversations of growth and of failure on his podcast called "Creating Space" on iTunes and Spotify.

His growing vision is to give influencers the opportunity to express themselves through the vehicle of merchandise in an effort to connect them to their online community in a deeper and more impactful way.

These collaborative influencer campaigns are available in limited quantities as we strive to stay trendy, exciting and exclusive with our product launches.

We aim to collaborate with influencers who reflect our desire to impact the world around us by spreading a message of positivity, a message of hope, and a message of love.

We take pride in the quality of our merchandise and cannot wait for you to confidently wear the branded merchandise of the influencer who aligns with you!

Will Gittens

Wes Knight